Iconic Anniversary – MTG No Ban List Modern

Come celebrate the launch of Iconic Masters, and help us keep our Advanced Plus status with Wizards of the Coast. We need at least 50 players for this event.

Format: No Ban List Modern
> This means you can play with any card that was printed in a Modern legal set including all Modern cards that have been banned from the Modern format. All cards must be real WotC cards, no proxies.

Cost: $10

Registration begins at 12pm
Tournament begins at 2pm
Number of rounds based on participation, and cut to Top 8

> All players who stay in the tournament until round 3 will receive a pack of Iconic Masters for participating.
> We will also add a pack per player of Iconic Masters to the prize pool to be prized down to top players. If we hit 50 players, 1st place is guaranteed to receive a minimum of 20 packs of Iconic Masters..
> If we hit 50 players, we will do a random drawing for a $100 gift certificate.

Iconic Masters