About Us

Three Suns Unlimited is a family owned and operated, game and hobby retail store specializing in organized play and family entertainment. We are located at 2147 Gilmer Rd Suite 101 in Longview, TX, directly across the street from Popeyes.

Three Suns Unlimited


Three Suns Unlimited is committed to providing a safe, fun environment for the community, selling high quality products and services at a competitive price, and delivering personal customer service. We hope to inspire creativity and imagination to all our customers whether they are in our store or at home.


The Three Suns Unlimited retail store offers a variety of games from TCGs (MTG, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh) and RPGs (D&D, Pathfinder) to tabletop games and board games as well as accessories and related gaming supplies. A portion of our retail space is available for local talent who would like our store to carry their products.

The largest section of the store is provided exclusively for table games. This area is where most events and tournaments are held. When we do not have an event in progress, most of the table area is available for free play. We will allow customers to reserve tables as long as it doesn’t infringe on scheduled events.

Three Suns Unlimited is a community based store, and occasionally host community events for various groups. We offer discount pricing for hosting church, school, and youth group events. If you are interested in using our space for your event, stop by discuss details with us.

In addition to being a family owned and operated business, Three Suns Unlimited is owned and operated by military veterans, and we proudly support all military members serving at home and abroad. All active duty, reservists, and veterans receive a 10% discount that may be used on any retail item sold in our store. Just show us your ID to receive the discount.

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Three Suns Unlimited
2147 Gilmer Rd S101
Longview, TX 75604
Tel: 903.653.4890
Email: ThreeSunsUnlimited@gmail.com