D&D Encounters

Every Wednesday night, you can look forward to a little D&D enjoyment. D&D Encounters is a weekly adventure in a mini-campaign that lasts a few months.  Each season is a new story with exclusive rewards and adventures for a compelling game play experience. The event is open to new and experienced players.

We currently have full tables, and we are looking for more DMs who are interested in this event. Please message us on Facebook or stop by the store to discuss.


Modern Mondays

Every Monday Night is Modern Night for $5. Bring your best Modern deck and battle it out for the top spot. Prizing may include older packs and based on participation.


SCG Game Night

Wednesday nights are SCG Game Night for $5. These are casual tournaments with a different format each week. Prizing includes exclusive SCG tokens and pins along with boosters packs from the latest sets.


playing mtg

Friday Night Magic

Every Friday night we host a Friday Night Magic event. We host 2 events every Friday – at 4pm and 7pm. Formats for FNM are typically Booster Draft, Standard, or Modern, but with enough interest we can also run Sealed Deck, Block Constructed, 2HG Standard, Commander, and many other formats.

Costs will vary depending on the format – Drafts are $15 and Constructed is typically $5. The 4pm FNM is always FREE.

FNM prizes are special foil cards that you can only receive at a FNM event. The first place winner will receive one of these special foil cards and the rest are given randomly. Additional prizing depends on participation.


Saturday Night Magic

Every Saturday night come play with us. We mix it up with a different format each week. Costs may vary but most events are just $5. As long as we have at least 8 folks playing, winners will receive prizes.


Magic Leagues

A league is an organized play event designed to help players get together and play Magic in your store on a regular basis. While a conventional tournament may last for a few hours, players can participate in one league over a longer period of time. Magic Leagues are designed to run over several weeks and spread the time commitment out instead of condensing it into one day.

Anybody interested in running a league event, please stop by so we can discuss.


Pokemon League

The Longview PKMN League meets every Saturday @ 6pm. They always welcome new players…so stop by on Saturdays and catch some Pokemon!

Can’t make it on Saturdays? Join some of the members on Tuesday nights for casual play around 7pm.


Youth Tabletop League

One of our customers has started a Youth Tabletop League on Saturdays @ 3pm. We are looking for another adult to help run the league. The league is designed to get youngsters (ages 8-14) involved in tabletop games and away from electronic devices. Attendees enjoy various tabletop games from our free library and are encouraged to bring their own games to share.


If you are interested in helping out, please stop by to discuss details.


Casual Events

We hold many casual events throughout the week to give everyone a chance to learn and play different games. Casual play events give players a chance to learn a new game, brush up on their skills and have fun.

  • Classic Board Games every Tuesday Night
  • Tabletop Games every Thursday Night
  • Star Wars X-Wing every Saturday @ 12:30pm


Other Events

From time to time we host special tournaments and events for MTG and other games. Just keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events or subscribe to our newsletter.

We are interested to learn what types of games and events you are interested in. Please shoot us a message on Facebook and let us know!


Community Events

Do you need a place to hold your event or club meeting? Are you a church, school, or youth group? Are you a Direct Seller who needs a place to host a party? Do you want to host your own game day event?

We would be happy to help. Just message us on Facebook and tell us what you want to do, or stop by and talk with us.