MTG Commander Night

Every Wednesday and Saturday night is MTG Commander Night. Join local players in some casual Commander games or hangout out to trade and discuss strategy. 

Can’t make it on Wednesday or Saturday? We usually have players on most nights playing casually. And we can run a $5 tournament pod (3-5 players) anytime. Just ask!

Board Game NightThree Suns Unlimited

Tuesday nights are Board Game Night. Come out and join us for various tabletop games from our free library. Some weeks we will try out new games, or just play some old favorites. You are welcome to bring your own favorite games to play.

Can’t make Tuesday nights? You are welcome to come by any day of the week to play games from our free library or bring your own.

Friday Night Magic

Every Friday night we host Friday Night Magic events. Costs vary depending on the format. 

  • Every Friday Night at 6:30pm, we host a Booster Draft tournament. Cost is $15.
  • Every Friday Night at 7pm, we host a Standard or Pioneer tournament. Cost is $5.

FNM prizes include special promo packs that you can only receive at our FNM events. Undefeated players in each event will receive one of the promo packs, and we distribute additional promo packs randomly to other players in the event. Anyone who does not win a promo pack gets to pick a foil promo card from older events. Plus All players receive a booster pack of the latest set. Top players in each event receive additional booster packs (number based on total participation).

Pokémon League

The Pokémon Company has not fully resumed all Pokémon events as of July 2022 due to the Covid Pandemic, but they have reopened casual League Play in our area. We will keep you updated on our Facebook page about our events.

The Pokémon Kids Club meets every Wednesday @ 4:30-6:30pm and every Saturday @ 1-3pm. All ages are welcome, including adults. For now this is a free, casual play event. We do plan to being running monthly tournaments starting in August 2022. Please check our Facebbook page for upcoming details.

The Longview PKMN League has not resumed meetups at the store. When this resumes we will post on our Facebook page with details as well as update this page.

Saturday Night Magic

Every Saturday come play with us. We usually have casual games in all formats going on throughout the day.

Most Saturdays at 630pm, we host a Pioneer or Modern tournament for $5. This is a bit more competitive than FNM games. Prizing is based on participation with 1-2 packs per player added to the prize pool for the top players. The more who play, the more you could win.

Occasionally we will run other events at various times. Please be sure to check our Events Calendar.

Yu-Gi-Oh Night

Every Thursday night is Yu-Gi-Oh Night. Join local players in some casual duels, or play in the weekly tournament. Entry is just $5. You will receive an OTS pack for participating, and pack prizing goes to top players based on participation.

Can’t make it on Thursdays? We usually have players on various nights playing casually. We also occasionally run tournaments on Saturdays, check the calendar for details.

Casual Events

We hold many casual events throughout the week to give everyone a chance to learn and play different games. Casual play events give players a chance to learn a new game, brush up on their skills and have fun.

Other Events

From time to time we host special tournaments and events for various games. Just keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events or follow us on Facebook.

We are interested to learn what types of games and events you are interested in. Please shoot us a message on Facebook and let us know!

Community Events

Do you need a place to hold your event or club meeting? Are you a church, school, or youth group? Are you a Direct Seller who needs a place to host a party? Do you want to host your own game day event?

We would be happy to help. Just message us on Facebook and tell us what you want to do, or stop by and talk with us.